Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recycled - Re-purposed: Making Wall Decor From An Old Fence

Three weeks ago we experienced a very real tornado. Although damage to our property was minimal, others who live less then 10 minutes away had major damage. 

Over the following week my husband repaired the broken fence. He asked me if we could use the salvageable pieces for a project. I had nothing in mind and shrugged my shoulders and responded with a "I don't know, maybe?" 

A week went by and while scrolling through Instagram I came upon a wooden wall decor piece with the words "gather" written across. I was inspired. I thought, "Oh yeah, we have some reclaimed wood lying around!" So I told the husband what I had in mind and he was game!

He found seven pieces of wood that would work perfectly for the project. He cut them to size and lightly sanded them. He used five boards for the front, alternating between the front and back sides. And he nailed two boards to the back to hold it all together. 

Now it was time for my part. I first tried free-handing the word "gather" across the board with a pencil and that was a bust! It was difficult to write on the distressed wood. So I practiced several times pretending to write the letters to get a good idea of exactly where I wanted them to fit. 

Now the leap of faith. I used Annie Sloan's Old White Chalk Paint to paint the letters on with a fine bristle brush. I took my time writing in cursive handwriting. I went over the lettering several times to make sure that it stood out. After it dried, I lightly hand sanded over the entire word "gather."

It was ready! My husband hung it up over the fireplace and now our dining room is ready for guests. Come and "Gather" with us sometime!

~Amanda Roesch